We are Freshbedynky


How it all began? Why we do it and what we like about it?

The determination of two young people to set the Czech market with quality food in motion, that is the birth of Freshbedýnky in 2009. And they didn´t satisfy with anything else than the highest standard – ORGANIC quality.

A few years later, we´ve joined our forces with a strong partner – SKLIZENO Foods. Our common vision is to create a market where high quality ORGANIC food is available for even more people. We want ORGANIC to be perceived as a standard, something that is normal, natural, right. Both from the point of view of nutrition and the way we cultivate our country.

And what are we like? A varied mixture of vegetarians, vegans and meateaters who respect each other. We like sports and love food. We love sharing our “secret” tricks and exchanging home-made goodies. The enthusiasm for quality and colorful flavors is what connects us.

The greatest thanks for our wonderful work belongs to all of you – our customers.
Thank you for going the way of quality and respect for nature together with us.