Sweet Christmas inspiration

We have prepared for you tips for unusual Christmas cookies, which are very simple to prepare and will not take you much time. We hope you like it and you and will enjoy it toghether with your loved ones.

RAW nut balls










200 g dates or date paste
100 g nuts – almonds, keshews, hazelnuts or pistachios
Matcha tea or cinnamon for coveringPreparation time:
20 minutesDose:
You will prepare about 20 balls from this quantity.
We dab dates day before. If we use date paste, we can start with the next step – grinding nuts. We grind nuts on medium coarse. Then mix them with a date paste. We create balls that are then covered in matcha tea, cinnamon or whatever you like.

Chocolate pralines with Amaretto


200 g high percentage dark chocolate
100 g cream 33 %
2–3 spoons of Amaretto (or liqueur according to your taste)
24 pcs almonds (cca 50 g)

Preparation time:

30 minutes (excl. freezing time)Dose:
You will prepare about 24 balls.
Heat cream in a saucepan. Before it boils, take it off the fire and add chocolate. When the chocolate melts, add the liqueur and mix.
Cut the baking tray with baking paper and spread the mixture on it. (When spread over large area, it is faster to cool.) Allow to cool ideally overnight, at least one hour.
Then cut the prepared mixture into smaller parts. From each part develop a “plate” in hand, put almond inside and then form a ball. Wrap it in cocoa, carob, or in what you like.

Chocolate baskets filled with creamy salty caramel










200 g milk chocolate
200 g high percentage dark chocolate
200 g sugar
125 ml cream 33 %
90 g butter
1/2–1 teaspoon of hard grained sea salt

Preparation time:

45 minutes (excl. freezing time)Dose:
You will prepare about 12 baskets.
Prepare a muffin form and put paper cups in it. Melt chocolate in the water bath. Put each cup in about 1 tablespoon of melted chocolate (use leftovers for the top of baskets). Put the paper cup so that the chocolate runs through its edge. Let to freeze for about an hour.
Meanwhile, prepare salty caramel. In a light-bottomed dish (to get an idea of ​​the color of the caramel), melt sugar until brown. When it is liquid, put it down from the fire and gradually add butter. Keep stirring. After all the butter melts, add cream. Keep stirring. Let cook for a second until the cream thickens slightly. Keep stirring so the caramel doesn’t burn. Finally, add salt to your taste. Let the mixture cool for 20–30 minutes. Then add the mixture to the cups (1 tablespoon of the caramel cream). Leave the baskets cool again for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, melt the left chocolate. Put the melted chocolate on top of the baskets so that the caramel cream is all covered with chocolate. The top of the basket can still be lightly sprinkled with salt.