Support your immunity

Spring knocks on the door, and so does the changing weather. Everybody will be happy to welcome awakening of nature, but this is also the time of viruses awakening. Peeping sun can confuse us even in otherwise still cold temperatures. Our body is more tired and less immune after winter and so we can easily get cold and viruses can settle in our body. Don´t underestimate the weather! You undress one layer more easily than if you find that you would need one more and you don´t have it with you. Wink

And what getting cold with viruses can bring? Sinus congestion, cough, fever, flu…

What to do during sickness?

Quickly forget about your indispensability at work. Home office is not a rest! Uncured sickness may come out in chronic problems. This means that the sickness will return and symptoms will be more serious. Therefore, take your time off, stay home and cure yourself. How?

Rest and sleep. If you don´t have a fever, keep yourself warm as possible. Leave out your morning run and afternoon squash. Be considerate and stay home, don´t spread the germs. Respiratory tract infections are transmitted by droplet infection, meaning sneezing, etc. Resfreshing walk in nature is allowed if it’s what your body feels like to do.

Keep the air moist enough at home to avoid the drying of the mucous membranes. It will ease coughing and phelgm release. Humidifier or simply wet towel placed on heating will do it´s job. In the morning or evening, take a warm bath or try steaming. During steaming, prevent the escape of steam with a blanket over the head. You can use herbs or essential oils:

– Disinfection and decongestants: eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, hyssop, boswellia, pine, tea tree

– If you find the flavors too sharp, soften with a drop or two of vanilla

– Chamomile will help you to unwind and relax

Eucalyptus essential oil in the humidifier (or any other variant) will also help protect your family, it will disinfect the air.

If adding essential oil in the bath, add oil just before lying in and stir up well in the water. If you prefer herbs, infuse them in advance and then pour into the bath water (with herbs themselves if you like).

Work carefully with essential oils. They are highly concentrated, so just a few drops will be enough. If you use the whole bottle at once, it won´t cure you faster, conversely it could cause you troubles. Use only good quality pure essential oils, not chemical imitations.

Too late for sauna! High temperature sauna would cause your body real exertion. The salt and steam sauna with essential oils, where the temperatures are lower may look good, but you would spread the viruses.

If you have a fever, keep yourself warm, but don´t specifically raise the temperature by baths etc. At a temperature above 39.5 °C place facing legs. Wrap cold wet towel around the lower leg. Wrap one more dry around not to wet your bed. Allow to work for 10 minutes. Another facing can be repeated after 1 hour. Peppermint essential oil will do you good.

Fever can´t be underestimated. When it´s holding above 39 °C for more than a day or over 40 °C for more than 4 hours or if it is accompanied by rash, difficulty breathing, vomiting, etc., contact your doctor. If the infant has a fever, contact your doctor immediately.


What to drink and eat?

– Whether you have a fever or not, drink enough fluids. Drink water (preferably filtered), herbal teas (hot or pleasantly warm), fresh vegetable and fruit juices (pure or diluted with water).

Strong vegetable broth or meat broth with vegs and herbs will strengthen you.

Fruits and vegetables – raw or lightly steamed strengthen the immune system and accelerate healing processes. Also seeds and their oil will be helpful.

– If you can, eat well-seasoned dishes.

Vitamin C supports the defense reactions of the body and is an excellent protection against viral infection, therefore shift to foods containing it: onions, garlic, horseradish, seaweed, cinnamon, sea buckthorn, lemon, blueberry, mustard seeds – preferably black, elderberry – flower and fruit, oyster mushroom, plantain plant, nettle, guava, physalis, blackberries, watercress, propolis, echinacea…

These crops are natural antibiotics, because they contain active substances acting highly antiviral and antibacterial. Other crops containing larger amounts of C vitamin are hip, blackcurrant, cabbage…

This vitamin is destroyed by heating and drying, preferably freeze tolerant.

Vitamin A helps protecting and restoring the mucosa. Food containing high levels of A vitamin: vegetables and salads of dark green colour such as chard, kale, broccoli. Other sources are carrots, apricot, mango. Vitamin A is fat-soluble, so by eating these foods, eat few oily nuts or prepare salad dressing with an oil.

– Since ancient times honey is known not only as food but also as a medicine. It contains an enormous amount of beneficial substances. It is high in natural sugars that makes it a strengthening and antibacterial. Essential oils in honey act against diseases of the respiratory organs and helps to unphelgm. Honey soothes the nervous system. Use Czech honey, not only because of locality, but because it´s one of the best quality honeys at all. When heated above 50 °C it looses many valuable substances.

Other suitable foods are: ginger, chilli, fennel, leeks, radishes, potatoes (unpeeled), wholemeal rice… Special essential oils that give the sharp flavors to radishes, onions, garlic, etc. are antibacterial and kill fungus.


What foods should you avoid?

– Meat in this order: smoked such as sausage, pork, beef and fish, venison, poultry

– Conventional sweets and sugar, white flour…

– Milk and diary products, increasing phelgm in the body. If you want milk, choose goat.

– Alcohol, coffee and forget about smoking


What to do for prevention?

The same as during the illness, just in lower intensity.

– Use the foods mentioned in your dishes more often.

– Once in a time, use a suitable essential oil your favorite way.

– Exercise, preferably on the fresh air.

– Time for sauna now! High temperature sauna actually mimics the body condition of fever – activates defense system that destroys bacteria and viruses sensitive to temperature.

– Practise hardening

– Don´t party at night, but sleep. Wink Having a rest is important, both active and passive. Tense and stressed out body is more susceptible to disease.

– A little more care for small children. Children are infected rather than adults, because their immune system – blocks against a certain type of pathogens is only creating. Adults already have created these blockades.