Strong chicken broth

A solid broth is the good basis for raising your culinary art a few levels above. Add it to sauces and risotto. You can take it in your coffee cup and go to work. Or you can serve it in a traditional form – as a soup.

Broth is amazing. You can use lots of kitchen leftovers that would be otherwise thrown away. Bones of roasted chicken, vegetable peels (washed), and so on. We recommend hiding these ingredients continuously in the freezer – when you have enough, throw yourself into cooking!

categories: Soups
time: 120 minutes



Roast the bones!

Heat the oven to 180 °C. Chicken skeletons (and possibly all raw bones, the ends of chicken wings, etc., which you have collected in the freezer) put on a baking tray with a baking paper and roast for 20–30 minutes.


Put in pot!

Place the roasted meat with bones in a large pot and pour cold water. Remove the fat by a perforated ladle, you will not get so much foam at the start of the boiling.

Add vegetables – peeled (or well washed) 2 carrots, 2 parsleys, half of celery and onion.

Put the lid and

Přiklopte pokličkou a přiveďte k varu.


Reduce heat!

As soon as the water comes to boil, remove the lid, reduce the heat to the minimum and let it simmer quietly. If broth is beeing boiling wildly, it will not be clear. And moreover, water quickly boils out. It is right to maintain the temperature just below the boiling point. Let a bubble appear from time to time.

At the start of the boil, foam will form on the surface. Just pick it up once in a few minutes with a perforated scoop.


Add spices!

When the new foam doesn’t appear (after about 5–10 minutes), add the spices – bay leaf, new spice and pepper. You can tangle them in a gauze bag and at the end to catch all the spices at once, but you need to sieve the broth anyway, so it is not necessary.



Keep the temperature just below boiling point and under the lid for several hours. Usually an hour or two is enough, but professional chefs leave the broth on a mild flame over the night.


Sieve and reduce!

When the broth is done, sieve it through a thick sieve. You can turn the meat from the bones and use it in the soup. Give veggies to your dog and use fresh pieces to your soup.

If you need a stronger broth, put the pot back on the stove and reduce it to the desired density.


Cut the vegetables!

Cut the rest of the carrots, parsleys and celery to jullienne noodles (or any shape you like). If you want the broth to be as clear as possible, boil the veggies separately in salted water.



Salt the broth to taste, add vegetables, or noodles (cooked also separately), decorate with parsley and … enjoy!