Strawberry galette

You have to try this great and fragrant strawberry cake. It is prepared very easily and you will surely enjoy it.

categories: Desserts
portions: 8
time: 60 minutes



Preheat the oven to about 200 ° C and then roll out the dough in the shape of a rectangle.


Wash the strawberries, dry them and remove the inedible leaves.


We make a circle of whole strawberries in the middle of the rolled dough. Then fold the edges thoroughly over the stacked strawberries and wrap them all over with dough until a “round dike” is formed. Be carefull not to tear the dough and to allow the strawberry juice to flow out.


Mix sugar with lemon juice. If you use cane sugar, it will not completely dissolve and will lightly caramelize and crunch slightly. Next, add a few drops of vanilla extract and a few leaves of chopped mint. Mix the prepared mixture with the remaining strawberries.


Brush the dough edges with yolk and bake for 5-10 minutes before the dough starts to inflate. Then take out the cake and fill it with a mixture of the remaining strawberries.


Bake until golden for about another 30 minutes. You can decorated the baked cake with fresh mint leaves.


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