Spanish Sangria

The traditional Spanish drink, which is the embodiment of the summer on the Iberian Peninsula, refreshes you at high temperatures. It is full of fruit and during the drink you will surely feel like on vacation. In addition, it is ready in a few minutes.

portions: 6
time: 20 minutes



We squeeze the juice from one orange and one lime into a large carafe or a 2l mug.


Put the second orange and the second lime on the wheels, then turn the peaches into small pieces and add them to a mug or carafe.


Add a bottle of wine and 500 ml of soda.


Add cane sugar to taste and mix the drink. It should ideally be slightly sweet.


The drink tastes best chilled, so let it rest in the fridge or add ice cubes.


Our recommendation

If you want to have a more alcoholic beverage you can replace the soda with the seque or add two spoonfuls of vodka.