Spaghetti with pesto and broccoli

Ideal summer meal and it’s prepared in a few minutes. Try a great combination of delicious pesto from Květuška and broccoli.

categories: Main courses
portions: 6
time: 30 minutes



Let boil water for pasta and meanwhile chop olives and spring onion, which then put into a large bowl.


Clean the broccoli, divide it into smaller sprouts and cut the broom into cubes. Then cook the broccoli pieces in salted water for a few minutes and add it to the bowl.


Add basil pesto and cooked pasta to the bowl. Finally add the olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and mix it all together so that the spaghetti is covered with pesto.


Our recommendation

You can also add pieces of mozzarella or sprinkle with hard cheese. You can also replace spaghetti with another type of pasta, such as penne.