Shopping guide


We have prepared some advice and explanations for you to make shopping  the most comfort. Step by step you will find a way to choose goods, put it in your shopping cart and buy everything you want.

1. Choose with your eyes

All products are categorized in the top navigation menu. If you are looking for something specific, you can use the search box at the top of the page where you can specify a specific product, manufacturer or any other restriction (eg “sweet”, etc.) and then click the search button.

2. Virtual shopping cart

If you have everything you wanted on the shopping cart, just tap the icon on the top right. On the new page, you’ll see an overview of your entire purchase. You can still edit the shopping list – add or drop a quantity or delete an item. Also you can add some item if you have forgotten something.

3. When and how do we deliver to you?

Whether you take your products or pick them up, your purchase will always be ready so that nothing can happen to you.

Pick up place

The purchase is prepared for picking up at Freshbedýnky at Údolní 212/1, 147 00 Praha 4-Braník. For your purchase you can come right on the day of your order or at your chosen date.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 13:00–16:00, Sunday 12:00–14:00

On the day of pick-up, we’ll remind you via SMS that the purchase is ready for subscription.

Delivery with DPD

Purchases via DPD are delivered  all working days except of Mondays. An order is always required two days before delivery until midnight of the day. The order will be wrapped with care and handed over to the carrier. You will be notified by SMS about the time you can expect the delivery.

4. Shipping cost and minimum purchase

The minimum purchase value is CZK 400. When buying over CZK 1000, you have free transportation from us. If you buy for less money, the transport will cost you CZK 100 when you use our transportation in Prague and its surroundings or CZK 159 when you use DPD delivery.

If you choose delivery on the same day the order is created, the shipping price is CZK 150. You can use this option every day except Saturdays until 11:00. However, if the order exceeds CZK 1500, you will be free of charge.


5. How do you pay for the purchase?

  • On-line card payment
    The fastest and easiest way to pay for a purchase. We need to weigh some items, so we block a higher amount on the card. We will return the difference immediately after the delivery.
  • Payment by cash or by card at takeover
    You will pay in cash or with a card to our driver or carrier when taking over the purchase.

6. Discount on first purchase

For those who have not bought at our e-shop yet, we have the opportunity to try it with a discount of CZK 100 for the first purchase. All you have to do is sign up on our website and make a purchase of at least CZK 500. The discount will automatically load you in the shopping cart when you go to complete the order.

7. What’s going on with your purchase?

Your purchase is picked by our pickers who have the training, to pick the best pieces and putting them carefully in boxes so that the food is not damaged. Purchase then carries our driver up to your door or pick it up with us.

If it happens that some of your purchase items are sold out, we will call you immediately and we will discuss about solution according to your wishes.

8. Can I combine freshboxes and free goods?

Yes, you can save time and choose the thematic freshboxes we’ve created. Or you can choose everything according to your taste. And it is also possible to combine freshboxes with other goods.

9. Need advice? Do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us. Nothing is more important than your satisfaction. Call us on the phone number: +420 739 544 488 or write to and we will be happy to assist you.