Portobello burger with roasted bell pepper

A gluten-free burger with meat scented with herbs, fresh dressing and roasted peppers. Another great recipe from Martina vareniste.cz

categories: Main courses
portions: 2
time: 45 minutes



Quickly roast the red bell pepper until the dark blisters start to appear. To achieve better results use an oven. After that put the pepper into a plastic wrap and let it sweat. Then cut out the seeds, dry with paper towel and slice it


Put a few drops of olive oil on the Portobellos and grill until they shrink. Start with bottoms up first and add a pinch of salt


Season the minced meat with herbs, salt and pepper and make it into burgers. Coat slightly with olive oil and grill on both sides



Now mix up all the dressing ingredients


Spread the Portobellos with dressing, garnish with salad, grilled bell peppers, slices of cucumber and add burgers. Spread with dressing and add other Portobello cap


Our recommendation

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