Pastry – a villain or a hero?

What used to be a regular part of a human diet became a bad habit we can’t get rid of. You are about to read some truths about pastry.

Pastry is considered to be one of causes of obesity these days. In first world countries to be specific. The catch is we’ve been eating it since prehistoric times. So what made us suddenly gain weight now? Let’s look at all the agents, causes and solutions. There are many, read below.

1) White flour

Somewhere along the way, in the 19th century and later in the 20th century, we changed the way we process our grain. Until then, the flour was made from a whole grains milled with stone mills. As the outcome we got a naturally wholegrain flour that contained storch and gluten but also fiber and fatty acids and other vitamins. Since then we’ve developed a new technology and we keep using to this day. This new technology uses steel machinery that avoids extracting those fatty acids from the centre of seeds. Why? Such flour is easier to process and lasts longer. As always, practical before healthy. In short – flour processed in such way can be harmful in long term.

2) Wheat

The 20th century was dominated by terrible events such as world wars and cold war. These world conflicts caused unforgettable suffering and senseless violence. One of such tragedies was a famine. There was a need of much more grains to make food for starving people. This was achieved by breeding and it probably got out of hands. Many people today have wheat intolerance. Interesting is that spelt bread, kamut or other prehistorical kinds of wheat are for them perfectly digestible. What is the conclusion? Too much of today’s wheat can’t be good for anybody.

3) Less wheat, more rye

Rye also contains gluten. In smaller amount and it is different in structure, but it is there. You can replace regular pastry with rye pastry as a first step to healthier approach to your diet. The next step is replacing standard flour with whole-grain flour. The final stepping stone is home-made whole-grain rye bread. See you there!

4) Everything in moderation

You’re probably thinking now that modern wheat is the villain and source of all world’s misery. If yes, we never meant to make that impression. It’s like with many other foods – it is not deadly if it’s in moderation. Just don’t overdo it. Try to keep track of how much flour you consume and then reduce it by half. You could possibly feel the difference after a month but we all react differently. Keep in mind that although our species consumes white flour since a long time ago, our ancestors did not eat white pastry in such huge quantity. A little detox surely doesn’t hurt. What do you think?

5) Move, move!

Another thing of huge importance is enough of exercise. The thing is we eat more and move less and guess what, it results in weight gain. That’s simple math – you burn off less calories than you consume. That’s why every diet must be supported by a healthy exercise. You can Zumba dance, you can go swim or ride a bike. Go jog. Take a walk in a park. Simply – move!

Leavened pastry

Bread and pastry made from a rye leaven are much easier to digest than baking soda based pastry. Leaven made of yeast is “alive” and supports creation of useful bacteria in your digestive system. There are billions and billions of microorganisms that are divided in twelve basic families. While baking soda (an invention from two hundred years ago that has no connection to previous hundreds of years of bread-making) only contains one yeast family. The other eleven families are truly missing to create a diverse and healthy environment.

Leaven baking is no science. You can do it at your kitchen. A fine quality yeast can be obtained at Or buy a quality pastry at our website. We recommend you our rye bread from bakery Koláček.