Farmers – Growing with love and care

  We cooperate hand in hand with Czech organic farmers and eco-friendly growers only.   Bohemian and Moravian farmers are top notch. You can taste the love and care they put into their craft.
  We are just as strict when it comes to imported goods from abroad.

Transport – Straight to our stock

  Goods from Czech suppliers go straight to our own warehouses. There we store everything in perfect conditions. Traveling is for people, not for food. We always look for the nearest supplier possible.
  We keep an eye on everything. Temperature, handling, storing.

Stock – Products are stored in perfect conditions

  Have you heard of the unique storing technology called “ORGANIC TURBO”? It creates special air circulation that prevents from fungi and mold. We are the only company in Czech Republic that uses this technology. Each kind of fruit and vegetable has its own chamber with its own temperature and circulation setting.
  Tough avocados and green bananas – we sure do have them too. But we make sure they ripe the best way possible and arrive at your doorstep ripe and sweet. To check is not good enough. That’s why we triple-check before we pack!

Delivery – Always with a smile

  You can get your groceries delivered today by our smiley deliverymen who will carry the bags right to your door. Do you want to change your order? No problem! Write us a message or call our customer service.
  Are you not quite satisfied? Let us now. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or you can have your money back.