Naturally dyed Easter eggs

We tried how natural dyeing of eggs really works. Different instructions on the Internet promise stunning colors using vegetables and spices. It was a little hard to believe sometimes, so we decided to try by our own.

The procedure we chose

As we couldn´t eat eggs immediatelly after dyeing and we didn´t want to waste them, we used blown eggs. Therefore we didn´t cook them but just soaked in the infusion overnight, so we were risking less intense color.

For this reason, we tried the trick with vinegar. When you soak the eggs in vinegar water (may be apple vinegar as well), it disrupts outer membrane and after 10 minutes you can simply wipe it down with your fingers. This way you can make white eggs out of originally darker ones. They won´t be smooth anymore, but will have a structure and will be more fragile. This way treated egg will catch more intense color. For comparison, check out the image of turmeric 1 (egg degreased in vinegar water) and turmeric 2 (egg degreased with dish cleaner).


How to prepare the “color”

  1. Whether you dye the eggs in anything, first prepare a strong infusion from chopped vegetables or spices such as turmeric.
  2. We used 3dcl of water for 1 egg, into which we put as much coloring ingredient as possible. We let it shimmer for 20 minutes.
  3. Poured the hot infusion into a glass in which the egg fitted well. It is important to hold blown egg under the water with a spoon, so all the air will come out of the egg and the egg will stay submerged. We let it rest for about 24 hours.
  4. Then we rinsed the egg and blew out the water from inside. Dried it, embrocated with bacon to highlight the color and shine.

Most of all, we were surprised by red cabbage making a beautiful blue color. Little disapointment was beetroot that turned out to color brown, on the other hand the colour is really intense. Spinach was supposed to color green. As you can see, the egg is yellow. Onion peels are guaranteed success. Well, and turmeric coloured just like we expected.

In addition to the colors you see on the picture, we tried soy sauce and young barley, but they didn´t colour the eggs at all. You can try also blueberries.