Meet the quality chocolate manufacturers

Chocolate Hill

Founder of Chocolate Hill know their craft from A to Z. Tony Branč knew he must get to know the real chocolate first and so he travelled to Grenada to study his craft. He went through farming, harvesting and making chocolate itself. After his return he found a partner in crime and started chocolate manufacture in Brno.

“Our chocolate is a product of passion, love for our craft, honest hard work and deep understanding of chocolate.”



Founders of Alaja are also Brno natives. Their brainchild is rooted in traditions of First Czechoslovak Republic. It is apparent in their beautiful artwork and hand-printed motives. Did you know, that First Czechoslovak Republic was the third biggest processor of cocoa beans in the world at the time?

Production of Ajala is a combination of modern and traditional procedures to create the tastiest chocolate possible.

Bean to Bar

Both Ajala and Chocolate hill chocolates are “bean to bar” made. That means that the whole process of making a chocolate bars from a cocoa bean to chocolate bar takes place at these manufactures.  They do not buy semi-finished products, no substitutes.

What are the steps from bean to bar?

It is a process that takes several days and starts with delivery of fresh beans.

  1. Quality control
  2. Separating the good and the bad beans
  3. Roasting
  4. Peeling and crushing
  5. Grinding
  6. Tempering and pouring in the forms
  7. Cooling, control and packing