It´s not water as water

It is said that where there is water, there is life. How much and how quality water flows through your body? Wanna learn a few tips? Take a good drink and read on… Smile

The human body is made up of water from 60%. This spontaneously suggests that the quality of water we drink should be just as important for us as the quality of the food we eat.

Quality long-term hydration leads to the proper function of internal biological processes in our body, and thus leads to health. Water is the basic substance for the transmission of vital nutrients to individual cells of our body. Water helps with the removal of excess and waste products and harmful substances out of the body. Regulates body temperature, plays an important role in balancing blood pressure, participates in the whole system of food digestion…

Quality filtered water should be the basis of drinking regime. What are other resources of good body hydration?

Fruits and vegetables

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is the best form of long-term, high-quality and effective hydration. Water doesn´t „flow out” the body, but is much better absorbed. Typical watery crops are cucumbers, lettuces, celery, sprouts, radishes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, melons, citrus, nectarines, grapes, pitahaya – dragonfruit…

Young coconut

Young coco water is a natural isotonic beverage. What does it mean? It contains very similar proportion of ingredients as human blood. Rapidly absorbed by the body it quickly complements water and substances lost in sweat, including a certain amount of carbohydrates, which all in all restores power of the body. This is an advantage primarily for athletes. Not sporting people will use these benefits especially during warm summer days as a wonderful refreshment. 

Water with lemon

Learn what benefits can bring you drinking (especially in the morning) of hot water with lemon in our article about the good sleep here.


If you have a problem with keeping your drinking regime or with eating enough fresh vegs and fruits, at least try to eat more soups. It is a kind of meal with high water content, and thus you´ll get some extra liquids in.

How to enrich “simple” water?

Herbal teas – herbs will enrich the water with their medicinal effects. Generally, the best way to drink them is on an empty stomach.

Fruit and vegetable juices  – mix them with water and you´ll have refreshing and healthy drink.

Superfoods such as young wheat or barley contain natural minerals easy to absorb and utilize for human body. Furthermore, they contain a high content of enzymes, folic acid and other beneficial substances. They help removing harmful substances out of the body and have an alkaline effect. It is also good to drink them on an empty stomach.

Himalayan salt – if salt then Himalayan. It helps regulate fluid balance in the body. Contains a lot of minerals in easily absorbable form for our body. Crush a few grains dissolve your bottle of water. 

Cheers! Smile