How to use celery stalks?

Although it doesn´t look like at first sight, celery stalks have multiple uses in the kitchen.

It contains a minimum of calories, the dose of vitamins and minerals. Yet here in the Czech Republic it´s not quite common veggie.

▪ How to use it quick and easy?


▪ Stirrers in veggie cocktails. You can eat this stirrer after drinking your cocktail. 🙂 In this case, it is most effective to use the upper part with the leaves.
▪ In smoothies – you can add the stalks to both the fruit and vegetable versions.
▪ Salads – chop the stalks into thin crescents or cubes and use them as a primary or secondary crunchy ingredient in salads.
▪ “Veggie sticks”, which can be served with a variety of dips. In this case, definitely get rid of fibers – break a piece of stalk from the end and pull along the stalk. Or simply use a scraper, but with that you´ll also remove part of the pulp. You wouldn´t like the fibers while eating.

Heat treated

▪ Soups – add a few stalks or just parings into a broth; Add potato/celery root to the stalks and blend into a creamy soup, add the cream as you like, you can serve with croutons or toasted pine nuts; Add sliced stalks at the end of the boiling to almost any soup.
▪ Baked – stalks with butter and sprinkled with grated cheese (goat cheese will create the perfect flavor combination) or with other vegetables, style potato gratin.
▪ Favorite base under mussels – in this recipe add sliced celery stalks in the same time as adding onions.