How to use a black garlic?

These cloves are black as a coal. What’s that about? Black garlic is a great ingredient created over a longer time at warm temperatures and controlled humidity. The outcome will blow your socks off.

It is a bit sticky and soft but strong in flavor and umami rich. It almost reminds of soy sauce or a miso paste. Try it out.

  • Mince it and mix with cream cheese and chopped herbs. Use it as a dip for veg, fries or meat.
  • Mix it with a mayo. It is a match made in heaven for steaks, burgers or sandwiches.
  • Take two over-ripe figs and blend it with black garlic in proportion 2:1 (figs:garlic). It is a quick substitute for a hoisin sauce.
  • Blend your black garlic with olive oil, add herbs and use it as a chicken marinade.
  • Add few cloves to your chilli con carne or a Bolognese sauce.
  • Add some chopped onions in your pan and let it caramelize. Add fennel, black garlic and add chicken stock and let it reduce. Add some butter in the end.
  • Chop it finely and add to your ground beef.
  • Add the black garlic to your home-made pate
  • It is a great friend to a salad dressing
  • Spread it over your toast.

I want to try the black garlic!