How to start a healthy day

The first meal of your day can make a huge difference. Bad breakfast choices can lead to irritation and restlessness. By the same token a good healthy food can lead to overall satisfaction, concentration and better performance. Good breakfast is essential. To increase the beneficial effects of healthy breakfast it is important to prepare our bodies to make the most out of it.

In the morning drink comes first

Black, ginger or mint tea with honey, hot water with lemon juice or a tepid fruit juice will help you rehydrate after the night. Sugar and vitamins will wake you up and prepare your stomach for further feeding. We do not recommend to consume any food or drinks cold straight out of the fridge. It is bad for your tummy.


Have you ever noticed something about children or animals in the morning? They always stretch! Do so as well. If you feel clueless try some yoga classes – you can quickly learn few stretches and practice them home ever after, 10-15 minutes make whole lot of difference. You will feel lighter, you will get your blood flowing and it will give you well needed energy.

Coffee is great, but…

Don’t drink just sole coffee on an empty stomach. Coffee raises the cortisol levels that our bodies generate when we’re in stress which means that caffeine at that point simulates a stressful reaction. To avoid this, have a coffee AFTER the breakfast.

Listen to your gut

There’s no universal tip as to what to eat for breakfast. It depends on many factors – for example the time of the year, how much time you have for breakfast, what will make you feel full for longer amount of time, what tasks are ahead of you or simply what makes you feel good. Just listen to your gut feeling, don’t rush and don’t push it too much.

There are some universal tips though

Don’t lose your trust in pastry – sure the white pastry won’t give you much and pastry with seeds from supermarkets is in most cases just coloured with caramel to make it look rustic and wholegrain. But you can bet a true and honest pastry made from quality fresh flour and filtered water is good for you. Such pastry is easily digested, it is full of nutrients and lasts for a long time before it expires. You can buy such ORGANIC pastry from Koláček řemeslné pekárny.

To increase the healthy benefits of oat flakes, ferment it. It is simple. Mix oat flakes with fermented dairy product, cover it and let it sit till the next day. It is a process of dairy fermentation which produces beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals. It can be fermented in other ways and can be applied to any cereals. Try out our recipe with coconut yoghurt.

Fruit is healthy. To get the most out of it eat it on empty stomach and not juiced but whole! Add some unsalted nuts, this will slow down the distribution of sugar and it will last that much longer. In cold seasons boil your fruit with some warm spices – it will warm you up and will be easily digested. Please, prefer ORGANIC fruit.

Eggs – the ultimate breakfast champion. Egg protein is easily digested and egg yolk is truly a super nutrient. Egg contains so many nutrients because it serves as a capsule filled with food for fetus. Only a healthy hen can lay healthy eggs so be careful with your egg choices. Choose organic farms and if you can get your hand on different types of eggs, for example duck or quail eggs, give it a try. You can find hen eggs here.