How to prepare asparagus

Spring asparagus is one of the most anticipated vegetables. Lovers of this vegetable will certainly not miss the asparagus season, which, however, takes a very short time. And if you are one of those who have not yet liked the asparagus, we will advise you on how to prepare it properly. And we believe you will love it.

White asparagus

White asparagus is uniquely delicate in taste. Unlike green asparagus, which grows above ground, white asparagus does not use photosynthesis. It grows underground and is covered with sheets in case it grows above. Otherwise it would get green.


Cut off the woody ends of asparagus, approximately 2-3 cm from the bottom end. Then peel the top layer, it contains thick fibres. You can peel it with a potato peeler. To make things easier, lay it on a cutting board.

Green asparagus

Not a fan of white asparagus? Try the green one. It is reminiscent of peas and everyone likes peas. Green asparagus contains way more vitamin C.


Preparing green asparagus is also simpler. Cut off the woody ends, approximately 2-3 cm from the bottom end and it is ready to go. You do not have to peel it because the top layer of skin does not contain those thick fibres.

How to store asparagus?

We recommend you to eat it right after the purchase. If you need to store for a day or two, cover the top ends with wet towels and put in the fridge at 5°C.

What to prepare for asparagus?

Shrimps with bear garlic and asparagus

Asparagus soup

Pea salad with asparagus and creme fraiche

Parmesan bread in the eggs with spinach and asparagus