How can superfood boost your vitality?

What are superfoods?

„Superfood“ is a food with exceptional nutritional values. Berries, beetroot, savoy cabbage, sprouted seeds, microgreens and many others – you recognize some of these goodies, right?

Many exotic fruits and different parts of plants can also be superfood. In some cases, here in Czech Republic, we try to substitute them with extracts in form of pills and powders. Regular consummation of these supplements can improve our mental and physical activity.

What is their important advantage?

There are some advantages to the powder form. You can easily mix it with mashes, cocktails, smoothies, raw deserts, yoghurts or juices. It is a perfect fit for the hectic city life, for tough day at school or simply any busy schedule.

How superfoods help us?

Instant energy super food is for instance cocoa, baobab, maca or guarana. It will boost you up in the morning and if you’re trying to give up your coffee habbit, it can provide you energy even during afternoon or simply anytime you feel exhausted.

Protein superfood is well known to you. Pea, hemp or rice protein is a rich source of nutrients for your muscles. Proteins are also important for enzyme production. Quality isolated proteins are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and can also work as a substitute for low quality work out supplement powder.

Superfood greens like chlorella and spirulina (seaweed), green wheat, barley or moringa (leaves of African tree) are exceptionally effective detoxifiers which help to boost your vitality and energy.

So here we go. Bear in mind that superfood is not meant to be a replacement for diverse diet. The goal is to incorporate it in your diet during winter to substantially boost your immunity and detoxify you during summer. So in short, if you want to feel better and healthier – eat superfood. 

What to prepare from superfoods?

Cocoa pancakes with hemp protein