How can herbs help?

Health benefits

In the past herbs were used as a prevention from various illnesses and diseases and today people rediscover their benefits. There are different kinds of tea made from different kinds of herbs and we will introduce you to the herbal milestones.

Herbs in general

  • Improve digestion
  • Herbs are natural anti-oxidants
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Base-forming effects
  • Revitalize liver
  • Clean blood and help blood cells creation
  • Natural anti-aging effects
  • Reduce weight



  • Czechia’s most significant herb for cleaning blood and blood creation
  • Prevention from kidney stones and effective tea to along with kidney disease treatment
  • Nettle helps to heal eczema, urinary tract inflammation, rheumatism and gout
  • Nettle also supports the activity of pancreas which helps to balance blood sugar levels
  • It is a great addition to liver treatments
  • It lowers allergic reaction
  • Nettle root and nettle leaf tea supports hair growth


  • Supports secretion of gastric juice and has ant-anorexia effects
  • Relieves from stomach ache, flatulency, diarrheas and intestine spasms
  • Supports bile secretion
  • Mint has anti-flu and anti-pneumonia effects
  • Mint also helps to fight headache and bad breath
  • It is chilling

Lemon balm

  • It heals digestive issues and supports bile secretion
  • Supports digestion in both intestines and stomach
  • Relieves from stomach pains and flatulency
  • Its essential oils have relaxing effects
  • It is refreshing

Elderberry (flower)

  • Elderberry tea is handy when one has the flu since it supports perspiration and expectoration
  • Anti-respiratory issues
  • Beneficial when treating small nervous diseases

Try at home:

Herbal syrup