Fresh for summer revelry

Because summer is full of events of all kinds, we need to supplement a lot of energy during the days and evenings. To enjoy plenty of fun long and often, variety of stimulants are used, but they are usually not beneficial to our body. Next time try more natural and healthier alternatives.

Our winning drink is definitely a young coconut. It´s refreshing, energizing and you can use it for fabulous drinks, have a look at this energizing smoothie recipe for inspiration. Of course, you don´t have to have the whole coconut with you all the time (although you´d be really uncommonly interesting;) ) Simply pour the coconut water to 0.5 l bottle. In this hot wheather you should have some water with you all the time, anyway. Young coconut is also an excellent hang over killer. Find more information about the coconut here See how to open young coconut here.
Replace your morning coffee for green tea or energizing smoothie with guarana. Definitely get yourself a plenty of fluids, especially if you drink alcohol, your body will regenerate much faster. More this here

Wherever you go, always carry an energy bar with you, it fits in any handbag or a bigger pocket. We always get an energy kick from cocoa beans in coconut sugar, guaranteed.

What does conversely take energy from you? 
Before the event you definitely shouldn´t eat goulash with 5 dumplings and a beer. Heavy food such as red meat, flour and fatty foods make your body so busy that hardly a little energy for partying reamins to you. Beer, especially well hopped has suppressive effect in small amounts. 
If you’re petite figure and get tired easily, don´t drink milk before outing, otherwise you run the risk that you fall asleep before the toddlers.

And now let´s go out… Wink