Five reasons why you should try buckwheat

Buckwheat comes from Southeast Asia. It got to our country in 13th century during the raids of the Tatars. Over the years it became a traditional food of poor Slavic people.

It belongs among pseudo-cereals, it is not grain grass, but the main substance is starch. Buckwheat does not contain gluten.

Why you should try it

1. It´s a valuable source of rutin, which helps good absorption of vitamin C, increases vascular elasticity and helps treat vascular diseases
2. Contains zinc, which strengthens the immunity of mucous membranes
3. Helps detoxify the liver
4. Cleanses and strengthens the intestines
5. Nourishes and heats the body, so it is especially suitable in winter

In the kitchen

Buckwheat has a specific flavor that not everyone likes. Especially children and husbands might have comments. 🙂 But don´t worry, your family can enjoy the beneficial effects of buckwheat and still enjoy the tasty food. Just make small tricks. For example, mix buckwheat with white rice in ratio 1:1 (cook them separately).

Favorite combinations are with mushrooms, red onions, spinach or cabbage.

Buckwheat flour is excellent in sweet and savory doughs, where it is commonly used in different ratios with other flours. Mixing it with white flour will greatly improve digestibility and add nutritional value. We recommend replacing 1/3 to 1/2 of white flour with buckwheat flour.

Buckwheat flakes are great for thickening soups, vegetable sauces and sweet porridges. It´s also good for the preparation of gnocchi into the soup.

Serve dry roasted buckwheat over fruit salads and compotes.

Basic preparation

1 part of buckwheat on 1 to 1.5 parts of water

Rinse the seeds, pour with hot water, and shimmer under a lid for about 10 minutes – on a gentle fire.

Further use of the plant

Teas – leaves and peels contain more rutin than seeds and are used in tea blends. Fresh herb contains the most rutin of all the plant.

Pillows – buckwheat peels are popularly used in pillows. Buckwheat pillow is breathable and has micro-massage effects. It is suitable for heating and placing to painful and cold areas. In winter, such application will benefit particularly the kidneys.