Features of our new website

And here it is – we have a new website! It has some great features that will make the shopping with us more enjoyable and comfortable to you. Here is the summary.

Charging account and payment 

The biggest news is a charging account. You can charge it (after logging in) using a credit card or via bank transfer and don’t care about the cash when we are delivering. Plus you’ll get a percentage bonus for charging! So you can pay two ways for your order – in cash or using charged account.

Logging in before shopping 

You need to be logged in before the shopping now. Thanks to this, the address and your details will be pre-filled, you can charge the account, make a regular order, browse the history of your orders or save products into your favourites. 

Choosing date and delivery before shopping 

You need to choose the date and delivery (or pick-up) before shopping. Thanks to this you’ll see products available to your date and delivery. You can change both during shopping of course. 

My favourites

Do you buy same products often? You can add them into “my favourites” by clicking on a heart in each product card. They will be in My favourites page then. 


Get inspired by recipes in our new recipe database! Search the recipes by diet, season or an ingredient. There are ingredients below each recipe that you can buy right off! 

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