Our new site runs on a fresh system. The new website makes shopping easier and offers more exact delivery time windows.

Better delivery. Delivery is quicker and more flexible. More info in a delivery section.

Cutting off prices! Thanks to growing volumes we can gradually improve our prices and we are not keeping them to ourselves.

Finish your payment online with your credit card. You can now pay for your freshbox immediately and comfortably.

Clear design and even more intuitive orientation on the e-shop.

Some things remain the same: we still take great focus on our assortment, quick and friendly customer service and we are dedicated to always get you the best.

Frequent questions & answers:

Customer account

1 ) Is my account going to be transferred automatically, or do I have to fill in all my information again?
No need to worry, we have already transferred all the details onto the new system and you can log in under the same data you are using now. If you are registered at SKLIZENO.CZ, then use this log in info to get to your Freshbedýnky customer account.

2) Can I access my order history?
Unfortunately, no. With the new website, your order history has a clean sheet.

3) Can I set regular orders?
We do not consider this option yet, but if you´d like to purchase the same goods as the last time you can opt “repeat order” after signing in. And you can set more dates for delivery at the same time.

Pre-charged account

4) Is it still possible for me to use pre-charged account for payment?
We are still working on opening this opportunity for you to use again. We will inform you when it is ready by e-mail.

5) When and how am I going to be able to access balance on my pre-charged account?
We will return your unused balance on your account to your bank account in full charge. This will happen within two weeks’ time from launching the new website.

Online credit card payment

6) How will this work, since the final price of weighted goods is not known in advance?
The system is the same like in different e-shops with weighted food. We´ll round up the price of your order and then send you the overpayment back to your bank account.

7) When is it going to work?
It already does!

8) What if I want to add something to my order in the morning? Will the blocked amount adjust?
It will not. We´ll make a special order for the added goods. Of course, we´ll deliver all at once.


9) Have you changed packaging?
We have not. We continue using packaging only when necessary and if, then we try to use the most ecologic ways available. For example, recycled paper boxes for cherry tomatoes so they don´t squish on their way to you, perforated bags against fading the salads etc. If you don´t wish to have your food packaged, feel free to write it in a note section when ordering and we´ll respect your wish everywhere possible – but for example imagine delivering blueberries not packed.

10) Does your assortment stay the same? Is anything new or do you get rid of something?
We focus on expanding organic fruit and veggies assortment. 


11) Is there going to be any change with SMS communication?
We don´t change this. The morning of your freshbox delivery you´ll receive an SMS with delivery time and you can still use this communication with our customer support.


12) Are there any changes with shipping days and delivery times?
Yes, there are some major adjustments in this area. We are going to be quicker and we´ll adapt even more to your needs. You can choose from narrower time windows for your deliveries. Delivery is possible from the following day, so called D+1 (order deadline by midnight). Once we get used to the new routes, we plan on adding “delivery today” option again.

13) Are you expanding delivery area?
Not at this moment. We are improving deliveries at the current area. Expanding is going to be the next step.

14) Are you increasing price for delivery?
No, delivery price stays the same.

15) Can I continue ordering outside of Prague?
Yes, we are still using transportation company for out of Prague orders. Although some food is still excluded of this transportation. 

Pick-up point

16) What about your Braník pick-up point? Can I still use it?
Yes, there are no changes about the personal pick-up.

17) Do you plan more pick-up points around Prague?
Yes, we do. We are planning pick-ups at Prague’s selected SKLIZENO stores.

Loyalty program and discount

18) Do you plan on implementing loyalty program for regular customers? How is it going to work?
Yes, we plan on implementing loyalty program, but we don´t have the exact form of it yet.

19) Are you converting existing discounts so that I don´t lose my discount?Yes, we convert valid discount codes with immediate validity.

Other changes

20) What is minimum purchase value?
Newly, the minimum purchase value is 400 CZK.

21) Is it possible to cumulate delivery price from Freshbedýnky.cz and SKLIZENO.CZ orders, into one?
We realize it would be a great option, but unfortunately it is not possible now due to technical reasons. However, soon you will be able to use pick-up points in Prague’s selected SKLIZENO stores, where you can purchase anything you like.

22) How about your contact details, are there any changes?
No, our contact information stays the way you know them: freshbedynky.cz, +420 739 544 488, info@freshbedynky.cz