Eating raw – is it beneficial?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself this question – is eating raw veggies really as beneficial as everyone says? We dove deep into the facts, pluses and minuses of raw diet and we’ve uncovered the truth behind it. Read below.

Basic facts:

Cooking destroys essential enzymes and some vitamins, but it also increases the level of antioxidants in some kinds of veg and cooking also kills many bad bacteria and microorganisms. Cooked food is also easier to chew and digest.

When it comes to meat, our body likes cooked a bit better. It is the same with legumes, but they can be eaten raw in a form a dumpling. Vegetables should be approached differently depending on how much water they contain. More watery veg like cucumber, melon or leaf salads should be consumed raw. Starchy veg like potatoes or carrots are better cooked. But everything in moderation, you don’t want to overdo it.

Which types of veg are better cooked?

  1. Potatoes– it is necessary to cook potatoes since we’re unable to digest the raw starch contained in them
  2. Carrots– you can just boil it for a bit or bake on oil to increase our body’s ability to make a proper use of beta-carotene, that protects us from free radicals
  3. Savoy cabbage– boil it a little to help it decrease cholesterol levels in our bodies
  4. Mushrooms– certain types of mushrooms can be eaten raw although they are quite difficult to digest, therefore it is recommended to be cooked. Cooking also increases the level of antioxidants.
  5. Asparagus– cooking asparagus makes it easier to digest vitamin A,C and E.
  6. Tomatoes– boiling tomatoes increases the level of antioxidants. Enjoy them boiled or canned, with basil.
  7. Spinach– cooking spinach makes much better use minerals contained

Which types of veg are better raw?

  1. Broccoli – Boiling broccoli at high temperatures lowers the levels of vitamin C and myrosinase enzyme that protects from cancer. Therefore we recommend you to eat it raw or only slightly cooked.
  2. Garlic – some people have problems digesting raw garlic. In that case we recommend you to remove the centre part. Just like broccoli, garlic contains nutrients preventing from cancer that are destroyed with cooking. But no worries there are still many nutrients to support your health that remain in garlic even after it’s cooked.
  3. Onion – Onions are best raw. Amongst many benefits they have anti blood clotting effects. Just like garlic a raw onion can be hard to digest for some people. To avoid any digestive issues we recommend you to boil it shortly for one minute or consume with herbs that support digestion.
  4. Cabbage – Cabbage also contains enzyme myrosinase that disappears during cooking. We recommend you to consume cabbage raw or fermented.
  5. Fruit – Eat it raw and whole – not juiced. That way you will get a lot more nutrients.

One of the healthiest ways of preparing vegetables is fermenting. Fermented cabbage belongs on the list of super-foods. These are types of food that are super beneficial, natural and good news – they can be bought anywhere around you.

So what should one do? The same old mantra – diversity is the way to go. There’s no point eating solely raw or solely cooked food. Everything in moderation. And the most important thing, it must be tasty. Keep that in mind.