Eating as a path to happiness

What to eat on a hot day? Here are some simple tips for refreshing energy boosting snacks that will keep you happy and fit.

Summer is perfect for raw vegetable – salads, sprouts and delicate summer veg. Bitter salads are great for both spring and summer. Chicory for example. Do not forget healthy and fresh dressings.

If you have a sweet tooth, go for fruit and raw desserts. Althought, raw food isn’t always the best though.  In the morning we recommend to eat cooked or warmed food. Try oat flakes. Let it soak overnight and serve with fruit compote and mild spices.

When it comes to carbs – eat rice, quinoa or cous cous. Also corn and potatoes are suitable for summer diet. The fact is our body is able to digest it better than during winter.

Try not to eat so much meat during summer months, at least in the evening and at night. If you can’t resist the carnivore urge go for lamb, rabbit or fresh-water fish.

What is really suitable from meat is a broth. It is suitable especially in the morning and in the evening.

Dairy helps to cool down our body temperature but everything must be consumed in moderation. We don’t recommend eating yoghurt for breakfast since it cools and slows down our metabolism. Try add some herbs to your dairy snacks. Caprese salad with mozzarella and basil, tzatziki with yoghurt and dill, Greek salad with feta cheese, grilled halloumi cheese, grilled veg with goat cheese…just pick one and enjoy.

Drink less coffee. One cup a day is beneficial enough. Too much coffee can result in many issues.

Ideal preparation is quick. Forget about long roasting and frying. Quick styr-fry, short boil and steaming is best. 

It may appear that drinks with ice are the best drinks to cool you down but bear in mind that it slows down your metabolism and digestion, it deprives body of energy and irritates the throat. What works best is a lukewarm mint or lemon balm tea. Read more about perfect drinking regime here.

Meeting friends, throwing a grill party – all that is part of a great summer. Grilling may not be the healthiest way of preparing a meal but you can balance it out with herbs and making your own healthy dressings from quality ingredients. Forget about pastry and potato – serve grilled veg as a side dish. Don’t forget about fish and seafood. A nice way of changing the red meat routine.

Are you facing an impossible feast? Have a shot of bitter-herb liquor to support your digestion.

Now let’s be honest. Summers are wild and uncontrolled filled with fun and joy but do we get enough rest? Just take a walk in the park, take you shoes and socks off and lay down in the grass. Once in a while. Everything will taste that much better.