Eat well and be happy

Astronomical summer begins 16th of May. Read, what your body thirsts during a summertime.

Summertime is connected to heart, which needs to be refreshed during hot summer days. Our heart is called an “emperor among the organs” because it strongly senses all changes in different organs, positive and negative ones. You can see state of someone’s heart in their eyes and face. Just imagine person newly fallen in love. Smile


What should we eat then so our body (and heart) is fresh and full of energy during hot summer days? Here is a simple idea of how to stay fit.

Reduce meat and sausages, especially in the evenings. Appropriate meats are for example lamb, rabbit, freshwater fish. Fine meat broths with vegetables are great, especially in the morning or afternoon.

Even though dairy products help to cool our organism, you shouldn´t eat too much of them. We don´t recommend yogurts for breakfast as they slow our metabolism. Suitable summery meals with dairy products are tacked with hers and spices, such as caprese with mozzarella, tzatziki with yoghurt, Greek salad with feta cheese, grilled halloumi, grilled vegetables with sheep or goat cheese.

Cut down amount of coffee. One cup of quality coffee can be beneficial however in higher doses it can be harmful.

Summer is an ideal time for raw food in form of different lettuce salads, sprouts and fine summer veggies. Bitter salads are as good as around springtime. Don’t forget about light oil-herbal dressings. Have some raw fruits and delicious raw desserts. We do not reccomend eating only raw, especially not for breakfast. 

Enjoy berries! Quick fruit compotes with herbs and spices are great for the mornings. Have them for example with overnight soaked oats.

From starch foods prefer long-grain rice, quinoa, couscous. Summer is ideal time for eating corn and potatoes.

While preparing skip frying and long roasting. Better is searing and short cooking, poaching and steam.

It might seem to you that drinking a cold beverage on a hot day will help you cooling down. Wrong. In fact you just slow your metabolism, reduce your energy and excite your throat. Rather don’t even look at cold drinks. Tepid mint or balm mint tea will refresh you nicely. Green tea significantly decreases cool down the body and if you drink it in longterm, there should be outbalance of cooked meals in your diet. More about drinking habits in summer here.

We cannot imagine summer without meeting friends outside for barbecues. It usually isn´t the healthiest food preparation but you can balance it out by marinating meat with herbs, making your own dressings, serving grilled and raw veggies as a side instead of bread and potatoes. Don´t forget you can grill also fish and seafood and ease yourself from such favourite steaks of red meat. Plus different grill themes are fun!

If you await large dish or feasting, give yourself a shot of quality liquor made of bitter herbs.

Last but not least we cannot forget about the rest. Summer is full of life and action and plans and fun, but how much time do you spend relaxing? Just go to a park on a late summer afternoon, take your shoes and socks off, lie down on the grass, put your hat on your head and stop thinking. At least for a little while. Joy and laughter will taste even better when you´re relaxed. Smile