Delicious red lentil soup

What is ideal meal for autumn and winter evenings? A warm thick soup to warm you. Try this dish inspired by traditional indian quisine.

categories: Soups
portions: 6
time: 35 minutes



Mix up your dry spices in a bowl and finely chop your onions and garlic.


Add about two tablespoons of coconut oil in a heated saucepan, throw in your chopped onions and stir-fry it golden. Then add your dry spice mix and finely chopped garlic. Let it fry for a bit but be careful – garlic tends to burn quickly.


Now add a tablespoon of coconut milk (the thick, fatty white part), finely chopped ginger and a can of peeled tomatoes. Pour in a whole tomato can of tepid water and broth.


Let it stew until them tomatoes fall apart. Then add the rest of your coconut milk can and red lentils. Boil until the lentils get softer, approximately 15 minutes. Red lentils don’t need to be soaked in water overnight – they are ready to go out of the box into the pan.


This dished can be served with fresh herbs – oregano, cilantro or chives.


Our recommendation

If you're a spicy food nut, add some chillies or chilli powder. This dish goes well with naan bread or a slice of rye bread.