Christmas potato salad

Prepare a traditional Czech potato salad for Christmas Eve. It’s delicious!

categories: Sides
portions: 10
time: 60 minutes



Boil water in two pots. Add  salt to the first pot as soon as it starts to boil. Put the whole potatoes with skin in pot with salted water and cook them until soft. In second pot cook peeled carrots, parsley and celery (you can also cook them in steam). Meanwhile the vegetables are being cooked, cut the pickled cucumbers into small cubes (smaller are better in salad).


Boil the eggs for 8 minutes. Then cool down and peel off immediately.


Cut boiled,  cooled and peeled potatoes into cubes approximately 1 x 1 cm. Do the same with carrots, parsley, celery and eggs.


Finnaly, mix the mixture of mayonnaise and yogurt with vegetables in a bowl, cover it with cling foil or aluminium foil and put in the cool place.


Our recommendation

Potato salad is ideal to prepare 1-2 days before Christmas Eve. Then all the flavours are mixed and the salad is even better!