Cherry pie

This recipe may be for culinary heavy weight but once you have the first bite you’ll know it was worth it.

categories: Desserts
portions: 8
time: 120 minutes



Let’s prepare the dough first. 3 cups of flour, ½ a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of cane sugar and butter – room temperature and diced. Now mix it all together.


Process all ingredients and create a dough.


Now take the dough, cut it in half, wrap each half in saran wrap and let it rest in a fridge.


Pit all the cherries. Take about 300g of pitted cherries and put it in a pan. Add one tablespoon of sugar and few drops of vanilla extract and boil until the cherries break apart and create a jam. Be careful to stir the jam properly, it can get burned pretty quick.


Put it aside to cool down and prepare the pie pan. Spread it with butter and cover with flour.


Take the dough out of the fridge. Take one half and roll out the bottom of pie. Put it in the pie pan and adjust the crust edges.


Now add the rest of pitted cherries and cover with the cherry jam all around the pie.


Take the other half of dough and create the lattice top pie crust.


Once it’s ready put it in an oven at 180°C degrees until the dough gets golden. It should take approximately 40 minutes.


Our recommendation

Put a scoop of ice cream on the side of pie slice and add a mint leaf.