Bread with bacon

When to enjoy more bacon than in frosty weather? It will pleasantly make you feel good and it will warm your belly for a long time. Just be careful and do not overdo it, it’s gonna be hard on your stomach.

Whether you prefer bacon roasted or not roasted, a tasteful distinctive combination is suited to it,  because it will “break” its fatness. Ideally, you need onion or horseradish.

categories: Starters and snacks
portions: 2
time: 30 minutes



Cut the uncooked bacon into thin slices, add bread, add onion / horseradish, pepper and you are done.


We also add extra onions to this bread.


Baked – Put a few pieces of bacon on a warm pan and place a slice of bread on them.


Bake on a moderate flame.


Bread will ingest fat and roast at the same time.


When grabbing color, put the roasted bacon aside, turn the bread over and roast it from the other side.


Put the prepared bacon on the finished toasted bread, add the onion / horseradish.


We prefer the roast bacon when it begins to catch a delicate crust on the surface, but it is still a little soft inside.


Our recommendation

Do not add salt, the bacon is salty enough.