Beef koftas with grilled zucchini salad

Taste Greek koftas! Martina from Vařeniště.cz  prepared this recipe for you.

Kofta is prepared of minced meat in the form of burger or meatballs with onions and spices. The type of meat and spices vary according to the customs of the country or the region. In India vegetable versions are also popular, such as beetroot or cabbage koftas.

categories: Main courses
portions: 3
time: 60 minutes



Cut the onions finely. Press the garlic. Combine beef with onion, garlic, ground coriander seeds, thyme leaves, salt and pepper. When homogeneous, shape 5-6 burgers. Place the meat on a baking dish lined with baking paper.

Bake at 200 °C (hot air) for 25-30 minutes. Before the end of the baking, add the cashew nuts to let them roast for a few minutes.

The other option is to grill the meat and just dry roast cashews on the pan.


While baking the meat, prepare zucchini salad. In a bigger bowl – mix olive oil with lemon juice, mint, pomegranate and a pinch of salt.


Cut the zucchini lengthwise to centimeter thick slices. Grease lightly with olive oil on both sides and salt mildly. Grill the zucchini slices and while still warm, stir them in the the dressing.