About Wild Garlic

Wild garlic is one of the first spring herbs, which are a clear proof the spring begins and so among other things, we should adjust our diet.
What are the benefits of wild garlic, how to consume and store it?

Wild garlic is a wonderful pick-me-up, thanks to its ability to disinfect and promote the cleaning process of our body.

Is a good source of vitamin C, essential oil allicin (also in the “normal” garlic or onion), iron and other substances.

The active substances in wild garlic promote digestion, destroy intestinal parasites, accelerate healing of wounds and ulcers, clean the blood vessels and clogged skin, soothe muscle cramps, help to lower blood pressure, treat fungal and mold…

If you want to feel the positive effects of wild garlic on yourselves, include fresh leaves into your spring diet regularly. You can schedule weekly intensive cleansing cures or eat smaller amounts of garlic for longer period. Attention if you are squeamish stomach.


After you pick wild garlic from the box, put the leaves in a glass of water, like a flower, and a fridge. After about 2 days, replace the water.

Wild garlic is most effective raw, but you can freeze it for a shorter period or prepare a tincture. It is not suitable for drying. Learn more about the herbs storage here.


You can add this herb almost anywhere, therefore, up to culinary experiments! Share your wonderful creations with us on Facebook or Instagram.