A Christmas fish soup

Try our recipe for this Christmas fish soup that perfectly fits your festive dinner table. Let us inspire you and enjoy this delicious meal.

categories: Soups
portions: 5
time: 60 minutes



First we prepare a fish broth. It’s important to remove excess scales, eyes and gills. Head and guts have to be boiled separately because both ingredients take different amount of time to get done. First we cook the guts in slightly salted water for 10-15 minutes. Keep the broth, you’ll need it later.


Then prepare a separate soup pan and add the fish head, a small onion, half of carrot and one small parsley root. Pour in some hot water and let it boil for a while on a low heat and continuously remove the excess foam to make the broth as pure as possible. Then we add salt, bay leaf, allspice and pepper. Now boil for 30-45 minutes.


Strain the broth and let the fish head rest until it gets cold. Then pick up the meat and dice it, if possible. You still have that gut broth? Good, you’ll need it at this point. Pour it in your fish head broth.


Melt some butter in your soup pot. Add diced onions and grated carrots, celery and parsley root. Once your root vegetable begins to get gold-ish color add some flour and wisk it into a roux. Then pour in your broth.


Boil the soup for another 20 minutes. Before you finish, season it with salt and pepper, fistful of parsley, carp meat and guts.


Serve with croutons made from a white roll or toast bread diced and baked with butter.


Our recommendation

You can also use bones and other cuts. Fish head is enough but the fish taste will be less significant. You can also improve the soup with cream. This soup tastes best when made at least a day in advance.