12 tips to survive the Christmas feast

The same old story. You know it just like the back of your hand. Eating to excess somehow became the embodiment of Christmas which often results in heartburn, flatulence and few extra pounds. How to handle Christmas? Is it possible to avoid these cruel consequences? Do you hate how your bathing suit questions your dietary decisions? We’ve got the right answers. We’ve gathered a dozen tips for you that are definitely worth a try.

1. Make your potato salad a bit lighter. Replace the mayo with some yoghurt.
2. Try not to munch sweets and treats after 6PM. Yes, we know, but at least try. You can do it!
3. Begin your day with ginger, fennel or any herb tea. Finish your cup and wait 20-30 minutes before you start eating your breakfast.
4. Don’t forget to move. Go for a walk, walk a dog, do a little exercise.
5. Hydrate yourself. Water is perfect and mint or chamomile tea works too. It also helps your digestive system.
6. Supply your body with fiber. It’s in fruit, vegetable and wholegrain bread and pastry.
7. Eat some fermented milk products. It will provide your digestive system with some useful bacteria.
8. Also fermented vegetable is good for you. For instance sauerkraut or kimchi.
9. When you take your carp out of a frying pan it’s sweating in a lot of excess oil. Drain it with paper towel. It will absorb the oil perfectly.
10. Take a nap! Especially after finishing some heavy meal. Your body will automatically focus all your energy on digestion.
11. Be reasonable when drinking alcohol. It makes a whole lot of a difference.
12. No stress, have a rest and enjoy this holiday of comfort and love. That’s what it’s all about.

We wish you a merry Christmas! Enjoy these days with your family and friends. We hope you can digest it all!