10 ways to help our planet

1. Support your local ecological farmer and buy organic food and products

Eco-farmers treat soil and animals with care and are sustainable sources that do not ruin the environment.

2. Use ecologically friendly detergents

Switch your washing powder and dish soap for organic ones. They are just as effective but their effects on environment are absolutely minimal. We recommend you Czech brand Tierra Verde.

3. Have you heard of “Zero-Waste”?

Do you think living without producing waste is an utopia? It is possible! Let us inspire you with stories of those, who had managed to eliminate even more futilities than unnecessary wrappers.

4. Make a use of kitchen waste

U can easily have a small vermicomposter right in your kitchen and it is easy to make. You can also compost at your local community garden. Either way composting creates a fertile soil.

5. Do not waste water

Set your flusher for two degrees of use. Have a shower instead of a bath. Turn off your water while you’re soaping-up. Use your dishwasher and washing machine fully loaded. Collect rainwater to water your plans.

6. Wear a so called “slow fashion”

There are many clothing brands that are considerate towards their workers and environment. You can find some of them here.

7. Clean your neighbourhood

Grab a bag, go for a walk and pick up every litter you pass by. Or search online to team up with other enthusiasts.

8. Plant a tree

Or several flowers. Indoors, outdoors, on your balcony. Plants keep this planet alive, they clean the air and also cool it down.

9. Try not to use your car

Can you travel to work on foot, on a bike or by public transport? How about a challenge for you and your colleagues one day a week? Whoever comes last pays for the cake!

10. Spread the word

Make a lecture or a talk at your school, kinder-garden, home or at work. Endorse other people and be their best example.