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Vegetable freshbox ORGANIC

Vegetable freshbox ORGANIC 5 kg

The best veggies under the sun! In this box you will find the best ORGANIC vegetables from the Czech and cross-country gardens and fields. Perfectly fresh and extremely delicious! We always choose the kinds of fruits and vegetables that are in the best condition, ripe and fresh. Therefore, the contents of the box can vary over the year.
Contents of the freshbox and weight of individual crops may vary depending on season and availability. The diversity of the composition will be preserved.

Product content:
  • Carrot (washed) ORGANIC
  • Cress sprouts ORGANIC
  • Celery stalk ORGANIC, bunch
  • Cauliflower ORGANIC
  • Sweet potatoes ORGANIC
  • Potatoes ORGANIC CZ - early
  • Cucumber (salad variety) ORGANIC
  • Leek ORGANIC
  • Tomatoes ORGANIC
  • Yellow onion ORGANIC
  • Courgette (zucchini) ORGANIC
  • Spinach ORGANIC
  • Hokkaido pumpkin ORGANIC
  • Broccoli ORGANIC
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