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Thyme ORGANIC 25 g

SONNENTOR s.r.o. je česko-rakouská firma, která se zabývá převážně výrobou bio-čajů a bio-koření z toho nejlepšího, co v přírodě najdete. Společnost SONNENTOR žije myšlenkou trvale udržitelného rozvoje a v jejím duchu také jedná.
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
Thyme is a popular member of herb mixtures but stands out on its own. It can be added right at the beginning of the preparation of the meal since it releases its flavor during a long time span. It is great with meat, venison especially, but gets along with vegetable too. Perfect for sauces and stuffing, broths or burgers. Thyme can be harvested even in full bloom.
100% Thyme*, *= organic
SONNENTOR s.r.o. is a Czech-Austrian company that mainly produces organic teas and organic spices from the best you can find in nature. SONNENTOR lives on the idea of sustainable development and acts in its spirit.
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