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Red velvet muffin glutten-free

Red velvet muffin glutten-free 115 g

Koláčkova pekárna
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
Banana bread is a sweet gluten-free pastry made from quality ingredients and its taste is truly unique. It will capture all your senses and you’ll never want to eat anything else.
Beetroot, water, rice flour, buckwheat flour, Belgian chocolate, cocoa, dates, banana, rapeseed oil, lemon, baking powder gluten-free + soda, spice mixture, flax, blend of nuts, bitter chocolate pudding
Contains nuts (8)
The craft bakery founded by Jirka (baker), who is not just a baker. It has one of the best sourdough breads. It can bake virtually any bread. For example, with carrots, nuts, chocolate and plums, but mainly 100% rye, made in the traditional way and old fashioned. Only he can make such breads.
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