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Physalis ORGANIC

Physalis ORGANIC 80 g

Country of origin:

Cape gooseberry was first found in Southern America. It is yellow-green and almost yellow-orange berry sealed in paper-thin, spacious bladder-like bag. The fruit itself is refreshing and sour-sweet in taste with very delicate aroma. Cape gooseberry is packed with tiny edible seeds. You can tell the fruit is ripe when the bladder-like bag is cracking and dry. It functions as a protection and it is not recommended to take it off until right before consumption it can develop a mold when stored in moist environment. You can be playful and use those leaves as a decoration and try out different options. Physalis contains up to 3mg of vitamin C per 1g, provitamin A and many minerals, for instance potassium, phosphorus, calcium and others.

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