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Peppermint Chewing Gum 9g

Peppermint Chewing Gum 9g 9 g

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Martin Veleba
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
Hugo chewing gums is a perfect alternative to regular chewing gums. It is aspartam-free with no added sugars, colors and other chemical ingredients. Try out these chewing gums with wonderful peppermint flavor. It is only sweetened with xylitol which is extracted from white birch or fruit. That is why they taste good and natural. No added sugars guarantee 40% calories content and are also suitable for people suffering from diabetes.
Ingredients: xylitol (occurring in the bark of white birch, and fruit), gum base, natural mint flavor, acacia (gum from the sap of acacia), soya lecithin (soya, non-GMO), glycerol (vegetable origin), titanium dioxide (mineral), carnauba wax (from the palm tree Copernicia sheets)
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Hugo was founded by Martin Veleba at the age of 21. He was inspired abroad while he was traveling across the US. He tried to find an alternative to sugar-free gums and candy. Hugo offers healthy chewing gums and sweets without artificial sweeteners, colorants, aspartame and fructose-glucose syrup. Candies and chewing gums are sweetened only with xylitol, which is obtained from fruit or silver birch, flavored with fruit and colored with natural ingredients.
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