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Pattypan squash ORGANIC CZ

Pattypan squash ORGANIC CZ 1 pc.

Country of origin:
Czech Republic
Patty pan squash may differ in colour or shape. The smaller the squash is the thinner the peel is and can be consumed. If you’re dealing with a bigger one, peel it. You can easily do it with a knife or even better with a potato peeler. You prepare it as a schnitzel, you can add it in vegetable mixtures, both roasted and styr-fried, it is great for soups. It can also be pickled. Patty pan squash is helping to clean digestive system and supports digestion as such. It lowers levels of fat in blood and positively affects heart and circulatory system.
Product content:
  • Patizón BIO z ČR, kg
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