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Oyster 3 pcs.

Oyster 3 pcs.

Country of origin:
Czech Republic
Farmed oysters. Oyster dominantly occur in Atlantic ocean from Norway to Morocco. They contain lots of nutrients and minerals. Great for reducing weight, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Oysters also positively affect our immune system and help healing wounds. You have probably heard that this fine treat is a strong aphrodisiac. Its meat is creamy and delicate, slightly sweet and balanced in taste. Is is usually served raw. Best way of consumption is to suck it out of the shell with salt water present in the shell. Ass few drops of lemon or tabasco. We recommend you to consume max to 24hours from purchase.
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Seafood is one of the first importers of fresh fish with its own transport in the Czech Republic. It has been on the market since 1997. They focus mainly on imports of premium fish from around the world, such as Salmon Label Rouge or Sashimi quality tuna. They also offer oysters or shrimp. The main mission of the company is to import quality and fresh fish every day to your table.
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