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ORGANIC Coconut oil raw extra virgin

ORGANIC Coconut oil raw extra virgin 400 ml

Wild & Coco
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
14428 kJ
172.4 %
400 g
571.4 %
Extra virgin coconut oil is suitable for baking and cooking in general as a substitute for regular oil.
Kokosový olej* (100%) lisovaný za studena. *=produkt ekologického zemědělství.
Wild & Coco is a team of coconut enthusiasts. It brings delicious Thai coconuts to the Czech Republic and produces quality coconut products from coconut milk, coconut vinegar to coconut jerky and sweet delicacies.
Title per 100 ml
Energy 3607 kJ
Energy 862 kcal
Fats 100 g
Saturated fatty acids in fats 86.6 g
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