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ORGANIC Coconut milk

ORGANIC Coconut milk 0,40 l

Wild & Coco
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
Creamy coconut milk is perfect for allergic individuals and serves as a great substitute for cow milk. Asians use coconut milk for soups, drinks and sauces. If you let the coconut milk can sit in a cold environment, the coconut fat and coconut water will separate and both can be used for different recipes. Coconut water for soups or smoothies, coconut fat for a whipped cream. Coconut milk is created at temperature 80°C.
kokosová dužina*, voda /*produkt ekologického zemědělství
Wild & Coco is a team of coconut enthusiasts. It brings delicious Thai coconuts to the Czech Republic and produces quality coconut products from coconut milk, coconut vinegar to coconut jerky and sweet delicacies.
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