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Kale green ORGANIC CZ 200g

Kale green ORGANIC CZ 200g 1 pc.

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Country of origin:
Czech Republic
Kale is a relative to savoy cabbage but its leaves grow freely on their own. It is dark green in color but some varieties are violet and almost black. It is slightly bitter in taste and can be consumed raw – cooking will dissolve some of the nutrients. Kale is considered to be a leaf vegetable with the most vitamin and anti-oxidant content. For example, it contains 17x more iron that beef, more calcium than milk, 4x more carotene than broccoli and 17x more vitamin C than a carrot. Its leaves are packed with fiber that cultivates digestive system. If you’re looking for an effective detoxifier, immune system boost and source of energy, beauty and good mood – kale is a perfect match. We recommend you to remove the stalk of the leaf, it is too tough. Make a kale salad or a smoothie – don’t worry, you won’t even taste it. It can be added in steamed meals, roasted meals, it goes along great with squash, beetroot or a carrot.
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