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Fruit freshbox for office ORGANIC

Fruit freshbox for office ORGANIC 10 kg


Fruit teambuilding! In this box you will find such kinds of fruits, that are selected especially for office needs. In a moment you can prepare refreshment for your meeting or have a snack with your colleagues. From the box you will prepare a healthy snack for 25 people or a breakfast fruit salad for 17 people. We always choose the kinds of fruits and vegetables that are in the best condition, ripe and fresh. Therefore, the contents of the box can vary over the year.

Contents of the freshbox and weight of individual crops may vary depending on season and availability. The diversity of the composition will be preserved.

Product content:
  • Oranges ORGANIC
  • Dates honeysweet Medjoul ORGANIC
  • Bananas ORGANIC
  • Mango BIO
  • Kiwi ORGANIC
  • Apples Royal Gala ORGANIC
  • Tangerines ORGANIC
  • Persimmon ORGANIC
  • Blueberries ORGANIC
  • Confrence pears ORGANIC
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