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Fresh tuna fish fillet in Sashimi quality

Fresh tuna fish fillet in Sashimi quality

1 519  per kg
Country of origin:

Method of fishing: Commercial fishing

This tuna is the highest quality perfect for SASHIMI sushi.

Tuna meat is best prepared quickly otherwise it’ll get dry. We recommend you to quickly pan-grill it on one side, turn around, pour in a bit of water and boil shortly. Tuna is perfect for as a steak, both medium and rare or can be consumed raw as sushi or a tartare.

Tuna fish are one of the best swimmers reaching speed of 100km/h. Their natural need for movement has an important role since they can only breathe through the gills when moving forward. As a result tuna meat is firm and is low in fats.

Consume the next day after delivery.

Salmon, salt.
Seafood is one of the first importers of fresh fish with its own transport in the Czech Republic. It has been on the market since 1997. They focus mainly on imports of premium fish from around the world, such as Salmon Label Rouge or Sashimi quality tuna. They also offer oysters or shrimp. The main mission of the company is to import quality and fresh fish every day to your table.
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