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Cake Raspberry raw cake

Cake Raspberry raw cake 800 g

Country of origin:
Czech Republic
14992 kJ
179.1 %
288 g
411.4 %
231.99 g
85.9 %
64 g
128 %

This cake is truly delicious! The base of this raspberry cake is a nut-chocolate corpus with rich raspberry middle. All that is covered with chocolate and free-dried fruit. Diameter: 18cm The cake is frozen Before consumption take it out of the box and wrapping. Let it sit in room temperature for 30 min to 1 hour or in a fridge for about 3 hours. You can fasten the whole process by cutting it in half.

MANDLE *, KEŠU OŘECHY*, datle, strouhaný kokos*, kokosový olej*, chia semínka, nepražený kakaový prášek, med, kakaové máslo, malina, ovoce sušené mrazem, mandlové máslo. *= produkty ekologického zemědělství.
contain nutshells
Black Kale was created as an idea of two young people who love sports, healthy quality food and their work. Black Kale tries to use as many organic quality ingredients as possible, and the dried products they use are not sulfur.
Title per 100 g per portion 800 g
Energy 1874 kJ 14995 kJ
Energy 448 kcal 3584 kcal
Fats 36 g 288 g
Carbohydrates 29 g 232 g
Proteins 8 g 64 g
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