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Cake Mysterious Caramel Mesquite 1pcs

Cake Mysterious Caramel Mesquite 1pcs 87 g

Country of origin:
Czech Republic
1627 kJ
19.4 %
29.58 g
42.2 %
29.58 g
10.9 %
5.22 g
20.8 %
7.83 g
15.6 %

Two-layer creamy raw cake with bananas and mesquite caramel. Mesquite is a crop from South America, has a high nutritional value and is a good blood sugar stabilizer.

The cake is frozen.

Remove the cake from the package and allow to thaw at room temperature for 30 min.

Cashew (activated), banana, dates, coconut, walnuts (activated), coconut oil, mesquite powder (2.9%), dried cranberries, vanilla, Himalayan salt.
may contain traces of nuts
Black Kale was created as an idea of ​​two young people who love sport, healthy quality of food and their work. Black Kale prides itself on quality and on ensuring that as many raw materials as possible are organic and the dried products they use are non-sulfur.
Title per 100 g
Energy 1870 kJ
Energy 447 kcal
Fats 34 g
Saturated fatty acids in fats 17 g
Carbohydrates 34 g
Sugars 18 g
Fiber 6 g
Proteins 9 g
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